Profile - Frequently asked questions

What is Profile?

Profile is software designed to allow the storage and reporting of personnel information. Profile is suitable for businesses, clubs, care homes, schools / colleges or any similar organisation.

Can I configure the system to more closely suit my application?

Yes, the Profile system is highly configurable. Any tab on the tabbed notebook interface may be permanently switched on or off. Any literal within the system can be changed to meet your requirements. If you want to use the system to maintain a list of club members, you may want to permanently change ‘identification number’ to ‘membership number’. There are two ways of doing this. Either right click on the literal you wish to change and enter the new value in the popup box, or search for all occurrences of the literal within the system and amend each one.

Is the Profile system Multi User?

Profile may be installed as a multi user (with several users accessing the same database across a network), or single user system (that is one user at a time my access the system). Click here to see the installation instructions.

What help is available?

Every input field within the system has context sensitive help. Simply press the F1 key or click on the help button. General help is also available for each function. System Administrators may amend the help text to more closely meet the specific application.

Can I store multiple address details?

Yes, in the various part of the system where addresses are used, up to three alternative addresses may be stored.

Can I store historical information?

Yes, most details have effective start and end end dates. Historical information can therefore be stored but need not always be visible. Simply click on the ‘Current Only’ check box to view or to hide historical details. Historical details may be cleared down at regular intervals by using a clear down option.

Can I set up permission levels for my users?

Yes, permission levels my be set up for all the various functions within the system. The permission levels are None, View Only, View and Create, View and Amend, View, Create and Amend and Full. Users set up as System Administrators have full permissions for all options and can also maintain other users.

Can I review reports before printing?

Yes, reports may be viewed in one of three pre-defined sizes with profile and landscape modes. Zooming is also available.

Can I try out the Profile system before I buy?

Yes, you can download a demonstration version of the software. This will be fully operational with the following exceptions. The maximum number of personnel is set to 5. Deletions are not allowed.

How much is it to register the Profile system? Can I upgrade at a later stage?

Profile starts at only $75 for a 50 personnel, single user licence. To upgrade to allow more personnel, you only pay the difference between your new and existing licences. See the pricing pages for complete pricing information.

Can I define my own reports?

Yes, Profile comes with its own report generator. Reports my be defined and stored for printing at a later stage. These may be set for specified ranges or for individual personnel.

Can I add attachments to records in the Profile system?

Yes, multiple attachments may be added to virtually any record in the system. An attachment may be an image, a document, or even a video clip or piece of music! A special attachments indicator will appear alongside any record which has attachments. Each attachment will have its own icon which may be selected from a redefined list.

In what format are the images held?

Images can be stored as JPEG or BMP files. Image files may be stored either within the database or in a separate directory.

Is the software multi-language?

Yes, the Profile system is currently configurable at run time in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Can I sort or group data within the grids?

Yes, data can be grouped simply by clicking on the header of each grid column.